Our laser engraved photos are guaranteed to last
forever. We take your most precious memories and
transform them into vibrant, crystal clear images that
are permanently etched into high quality metals.

100% Waterproof
& Scratchproof

Guaranteed to
Last Forever

Superior Quality
& Color


Create a personalized,
meaningful and
locket from start to finish!



Personalized Message Engraving

Add a heartfelt touch to your jewelry with meaningful engravings. Express your love, commemorate special dates, or honor cherished memories of loved ones.

Whether you're looking to mark a special occasion, celebrate a milestone, or simply create a one-of-a-kind gift, our personalized message engraving is the perfect way to make your locket truly unforgettable.

Personalize your jewelry with meaningful engravings. Express love, commemorate special dates, or remember loved ones.

Next Day Delivery

Next Day Delivery

All orders are dispatched in one day, ensuring that your unique locket arrives at your doorstep faster than ever before. With our swift manufacturing and shipping, you'll have your one-of-a-kinda creating in your hands in no time, ready to be gifted and worn with pride.

All of our orders ship within one business day so you get your custom Locket faster than ever before! With our speedy delivery, you can have your one-of-a-kind creation in hand in no time.

Beautifully Packaged for Gift Giving

Gifting Made Easy

Every order is thoughtfully packaged in an adorable gift box, enhancing the joy of giving. Our exquisite jewelry comes nestled inside, ready to be presented to your loved ones. The charming gift box adds an extra touch of delight, making your heartfelt gesture even more memorable.

All of our orders come packaged in a cute gift box, ready to wrap and give to your loved ones.


Don't worry, our digital artists
have you covered.



Your photo engraved locket necklace is custom-made in our own factory in New York City. Our team of jewelry designers and craftsmen create your personalized locket the same day you order using your choice of sterling silver, solid gold, white gold or rose gold.

Locket Necklaces FAQs

Locket Necklaces FAQs

What Is A Laser Engraved Photo Locket?
  • Our EXCLUSIVE lockets feature a permanently laser engraved photo inside using our patented cutting-edge technology. This creates a more vibrant and colorful image than a traditional photo print and is waterproof, scratchproof and will NEVER fade!
When Will I Get My Photo Locket?
  • Your photo locket necklace is made in New York City the same day you place your order. It can be with you as soon as the very next day!
Can I Add An Engraved Message?
  • Yes, you can engrave your photo locket with any personalized message that you like. We offer crystal clear, easy-to-read HD message engraving!
Where Is My Photo Locket Made?
  • USA! All of our Lockets are made the same day you order in our New York City factory, no cheap China imports here!
Do I Get a Chain With My Photo Locket?
  • Yes, we have a large assortment of chain options so you can create the ultimate personalized photo locket necklace!
My Photo Doesn’t Fit, Will You Fix It?
  • Yes. Our team of digital artists will edit and manipulate your photo to get the best outcome. We can move people closer together, remove backgrounds and objects, fix blemishes, enhance colors etc.
Can I Send The Locket Back For You to Add a Photo At a Later Date?
  • Yes. If you do not know what photo you would like/don't have it available, you can send it back at a later date to be personalized.
Will My Photo Locket Tarnish?
  • No, your photo locket will NEVER tarnish and NEVER fade. Our exclusive laser engraving process means your jewelry will last forever.

Personalized For Life