Pendants with Mum

Pendant With Mum

-Nobody can replace the love of a Mum.

-Engrave a special message on the back to show your Mum that extra love.

-Available in Sterling and 14K Yellow Gold and 14K White Gold.

-Offered in two sizes 2/3 inch and 3/4 inch (most popular size).

-Ships in 1-2 business days.

Next Day Delivery

Made in the U.S.A.

Personalized for You

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  1. #1 Mum Pendant or Charm
    #1 Mum Pendant or Charm
    from $46.95
  2. Mum Heart Shaped Charm
    Mum Heart Shaped Charm
    from $43.95
  3. Mum Teardrop Shaped Charm
    Mum Teardrop Shaped Charm
    from $49.95
  4. Mum Tall Tag Charm
    Mum Tall Tag Charm
    from $43.95
  5. Mum Sideways Heart Shaped Charm
    Mum Sideways Heart Shaped Charm
    from $43.95
  6. Mum Round Disc Charm
    Mum Round Disc Charm
    from $43.95
  7. Mum Rectangle Shaped Charm
    Mum Rectangle Shaped Charm
    from $49.95
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