Pendants with Nana

Pendants with Nana

Made in USA + Next Day Delivery

Color that will last forever.

Available In 14k Gold, 10k Gold

And Sterling Silver

Ships In 1 Day

Next Day Delivery

Made in the U.S.A.

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  1. Nana Rose Heart.
    Nana Rose Heart.
    from $52.95
  2. #1 Nanna Pendant or Charm
    #1 Nanna Pendant or Charm
    from $46.95
  3. Nana Sideways Heart Shaped Charm
    Nana Sideways Heart Shaped Charm
    from $43.95
  4. Nana Rectangle Shaped Charm
    Nana Rectangle Shaped Charm
    from $49.95
  5. Nana Round Disc Charm
    Nana Round Disc Charm
    from $43.95
  6. Nana Heart Shaped Charm
    Nana Heart Shaped Charm
    from $43.95
  7. Nana Tall Tag Charm
    Nana Tall Tag Charm
    from $43.95
  8. #1 Nana Pendant or Charm
    #1 Nana Pendant or Charm
    from $46.95
  9. Nana Teardrop Shaped Charm
    Nana Teardrop Shaped Charm
    from $49.95
  10. MADE
    IN USA



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